Cashback and Wallet Policy

Cashback & Wallet Policy

  • ‘Cashback’ is a reward program where a customer gets the virtual money in a small percentage for each booking or during offers.
  • Cashback money only credited to customer’s wallet account created on
  • Cashback and virtual money are defined as E-money or TCoins.
  • To redeem the TCoins, the Customer will Log in to his/her iamtraveller Travel Services account
  • TCoins will be redeemable on any Products on iamtraveller Travel Services.
  • One TCoin credit shall be equal to one Rupee
  • Every transaction where the customer uses TCoins as a mode of payment will be validated through iamtraveller Travel Services username, password and/or a unique OTP or a transaction password sent on his/her mobile number
  • TCoins redemption will be on an annual basis: i.e. the TCoins granted on any date then it shall have utilized in next 365 days or within the specified date and time
  • Each time that the Customer redeems his/her TCoins, the same will be intimated to the Customer on his/her email and/or mobile
  • If the Customer opts for a refund in the form of TCoins, the Customer may receive bonus TCoins in accordance with the promotional offers available from time to time
  • iamtraveller Travel Services shall not be liable for any hacking or unauthorized use of the Customer’s account and it shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer to ensure privacy and confidentiality of his/her account details
  • In case of any disputes, iamtraveller Travel Services’ decision will be final
  • TCoins are the credits offered by iamtraveller Travel Services to the user for which the user has not paid any amount to iamtraveller Travel Services.
  • When a Customer makes a booking utilizing his bonus TCoins, in event of cancellation of the booking, the bonus TCoins used shall be credited back to his account.
  • In case of the bookings made using TCoins as a mode of payment, the promo-code discount that requires filling in credit card/debit card/net-banking details for validation will not be applicable or availed on bookings done using TCoins.
  • iamtraveller Travel Services holds the right to cancel all or partial bonus TCoins granted to the user by iamtraveller Travel Services at any point in time without any prior notice
  • In addition to the above, a refund is also subject to iamtraveller Travel Services general terms & conditions available on
  • iamtraveller Travel Services reserves the right to send communications via any communication channel including but not limited to SMS / E-Mail / Messenger / or any other medium. User is free to lodge a request to disable any communication channel and the same would be disabled from iamtraveller Travel Services end

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